1. ripelypine:

    my favourite part of shakespeare plays is the person at the end that is like “see how these people fucked everything up. don’t do this. look at this fuckery. look at it. fuck this. fuck everything.”

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  2. Patina Miller, everyone.

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  3. They’re gonna take Frozen to Broadway, I heard. So would you be interested in going to Broadway again and doing that? Because we would all love to see you there. (x)

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  4. geronipond:

    so i saw aaron tveit (enjolras from the les mis movie) in hairspray on broadway a long time ago and it was during my tom boy phase and I waited outside the stage door and i was wearing a hat and when he got to me, he said “hey little dude” and i looked up and he just goes “not a dude”

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  5. broadwaydivaintraining:

    Me: *shuts off tv after Idina’s performance*

    Me: Ah yes, time to hibernate until the Tony Awards.

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  6. perfectfornatalie:

    If your favourite musical is something popular like Wicked or RENT, that’s okay.

    If your favourite musical is something no one’s heard of like Ordinary Days or The Burnt Part Boys, that’s okay.

    If your favourite musical just came out, like First Date or Beautiful, that’s okay.

    If your favourite musical is an oldie like Annie Get Your Gun or High Society, that’s okay.

    What’s not okay is telling someone they can’t like that musical.

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  8. rustic-bibliophile:

    The thing about musicals is that you could find songs about the superficiality of urban life or Shakespeare scenes set to music, and then you’ll find ones about people obsessed with doing the conga or about wanting to go to Disneyland.

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  9. cmlgomezg:

    Stage of the Booth Theatre for a performance of The Glass Menagerie, Sunday, Feb. 16 2013, in New York, NY.

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  10. mytechnicolourdreams:


    My favorite bits from musicals~ 9/500

    The first time I heard this line, I got goosebumps. The fact that she has to feel so detached from herself to be considered”healthy” is not healthy at all. It’s terrifying.

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